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Be My Princess
I sent a message to Voltage Inc (email:ouji_en_app@inq.voltage.co.jp) about the changes they made in the Be My Princess Game. Here was their response.

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us and your feedback.

The new version of Be My Princess has been released as part of the brand new My Romance series. This series is separate from the Romance Sims series that includes other Japanese-style titles like Pirates in Love and My Forged Wedding. We will continue to produce games under Romance Sims series and we do not intend to change the graphics for these Japanese-style games.

If you prefer the Romance Sims style, we assure you that more of those apps will be released in the very near future. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we continue working on providing many games for your enjoyment.

Please feel free to contact us again if we can be of any further assistance.

Sincerely Yours,
Be My Princess Customer Support
Voltage Inc.

Be My Princess by Voltage Inc
Look What Voltage Inc has done to our believed Japanese character with this?!

Are any of you guys interested in otome games? If you are you should check out Voltage Inc otome games especially My Forged Wedding and Pirates in Love. However.. they released a new game Be My Princess without Gree which I was soo excited for at first but then I saw the pictures --- disappointment--

Please Check it out for yourself and see if you like it

http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/be-my-princess/id541481883?mt=8 (New Characters)
http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/be-my-princess-for-gree/id529756270?mt=8 (Original Characters)

Hopefully we can do something about these character replacements and change it back to the normal cute characters like they had in the  Be My Princess Gree


KEITEI Guardian
Hello everyone another otome game for the IPhone came out but its special because it have voiceovers and in English! There are several voiceovers that include Tomokazu Seki who plays Allen in the game, Daisuke Namikawa who plays Salire (The voice actor from Hetalia!!!), Tomokazu Sugita who plays Dregia, Daisuke Kishio who plays Darren and lastly the villain is played by Takahiro Sakurai who plays Vieuxlage. YAY first time they put voice actors into the otome games!

There are three characters you can pursue which is Allen, Dregia and Salire.


Voltage Inc Made a Another Otome Game For the Iphone and Android
 The otome game is translated in english and callled Wedding. So basically you graduated from college and you have a hard time finding a job so you go to Tokyo and your "uncle" is supposed to help you find a job there ( he is not your uncle but actually a distant relative but you call him uncle for some reason). Anyway you meet five guys and you are supposed to help them with their "problem". And then you are to live with them for a few days like a wife.
Let me introduce some of the guys
Here's a few snapshots

I am going for Ren first he looks cute!

Ninja Love Saizo CGs
Hey guys sorry I haven't posted anything for a while but I was verrry bussy so I had no time to do so. I gonna post the cgs to Saizo and then do the next cgs for the next guy maybe next month for Ninja Love




Ninja Love
Been a while since I posted anything but it is not like I have time. i meant to do the Ninja Love scenes at least two of them a few weeks ago but I got caught up in AP classes and Hetalia. Anyway here is the scene of Goemon as requested BTW don't be afraid to ask for any request or scenes that you want to see I will post them up but it will take a while so be patient. Next up is the ending to Munenori Yagyu!

This scene is when Goemo and you are collecting information around the town after all it is your job and his to find what Nobunga is up to. You're gonna pretend that your a geisha and he is a pimp and interview geisha houses before you can do that Gomeon buys you a nice kimono for the perfect setup and there are some cute moments.

" " this is what the main character is saying in her mind
Goemon: Which kimono do you want? Shortie!
MC: (Main Character): " Master Goemon is leaning on me from behind the back I never been soo close to a man my heart is throbbing"
MC: The one that is green from the top shelf
He suddenly stretched his arm suddenly and took the kimono
Master Goemon is really tall isnt he
Goemon: This one isn't bad and plus it looks much better than the one you are wearing now. The belt matches the kimon and the for the hair stick this one is nice
"Amazing he knows just what good and he is used to chossing kimons"
MC: What are u doing?
Master Goemon suddenly started unwinding my belt.
Goemon: Come on take it off already, I will help you change
MC: i CAN change by myself[
Goemon:Ah OK bUT i AM pretty good at helping one putting on kimonos
Goemon: Well I am actually better at helping them take it off
Master Goemon is quite the womanizer
MC: I am gonna change so don't look please
Goemon: Wow wow!
OK unwind the belt and take off the kimono and put the new one on ( you are having trouble with the kimono)
MC: "shriek"
The hem of the kimono is tangled so it falls forward
Goemon: That is dangerous
Goemon spreads both of his arms and embrace me
Goemon: What you want me to hit u up?
MC: NO way My hem became tangled soo...
Goemon: Well if a woman is so inviting I have to accept
Master Goemon lips are getting closer...!
Gomeon: just kidding you are not used to this kind of thing or men r u?
Without saying anything I flipped and turned my head back
Goemon: What is wrong why are you sulking
Well making fun of me in a way is soo mean
Goemon: It is no use being stubborn " sqeezing the MC shoulders"You need me right?
MC: i WAS SHOCKED WHEN HE PRESSES HIMSELF ON me I am not sure if my heart can take this!

Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan‎ aand New IPhone Game Shall We Date? Konkatsu Marriage
Hey guys been soooo busy lately I don't have time to do anything really. Finally have some time so want to post the introduction of these new charactters from Konkatsu Marriage where you look for you marriage partner or soul mate through dating places. THE BEST one out of all Shall We Date? Games sooo far. Anyway this took me a while to  play and with the Hakuouki Shinisengumi Kitan game, but lucky with the help of some people I finsied both games.

Here a image of the game Hakuoki I don't plan to write a review or put any CGs since I had such a hard time with posting the images from PlayStation 2. I think there is a review and some CGs online. Anyway here the picture!

If you play this game, I recommend Toshizo Hajikata who is the main canon couple with the main character Chizuru ( heroine) After watching the anime and the sad ending, I need to play a good ending with Hijikata lol. Omg Saito is also another character that I liked too, I thought his scenes were cute!

Moving On....
Shall We Date? Konkatsu Love
Who will you choose?

These are all the guys that you can date and later marry! :)
btw if you buy this game you can see the wedding scenes that you have with the guys if you choose to reject or accept their proposal. I might do a wedding scene comment which one you want me to do if you want to see a wedding scene or from the other games :)

Okay so now moving on to the supporting charracters
Koume is your best friend who attends the dating place with you and watch out for Rena who tries to steal your man several times especailly in Keito route


Oh and don't forget that guy in the big picture the one with brown hair is the secret bachelorr or guy that you can date! He works at the dating place and has a hiiden past that prevents from pursuing other relationship with girls.

Introduction Last Thing Before I Go!

Kirniro Corda 3
Hey I was just wondering if there is any raws or scans out there for Kirniro Corda 3 the new manga after La Corda D'Oro ended. Recently played Kirniro Corda 1 game and finsihed manga too so I really want to see the manga for Kirniro Corda 3 Heard there was a chapter that was issued in some magazine for it.


Heian Love Yui Childhood Friend Moment
Hey guys was gonna do this tommorrow but realized can't becasie I am bsusy so I do it now! Before I start on anything new I want to do a scene from Heian Love becaise I never really wrote or review or gave a sneak preview.
This is a scene from the game with Yui who is your childhood friend that you see as a younger brother but you don't realize that he loves you from the time he met you as a child and he's frustrated that you don't see him as a man.

(Main Character) Song: Don't you think it is a beautiful moon out tonight?
Yui: Yes it is
Song: What is wrong don't make that face if you are sad I am sad also

Yui: Why that?
Song: Because you are like my cute little brother
Song: Huh I made him more depressed than before
Yui: I guess you wanted to be the Emperor wife after all
Song: Huh?
Yui: Song you don't see me as a man
Yui: Emperor Kuze is in a better position than me and I know I can't compare to him

But I didn't want you to say these things to me
Song: No... Yui....I didn't
I just wanted to prove you inncoent ( Yui is charged with stealing a poem but don't worry Yui would never do that :) )

Yui: Sorry for troubling you. I 'll leave for today
Song: Yui
Was I wrong for making Yui make such a face. I just wanted to prove Yui innocence for his sake. But I wonder if I did something wrong or worse to make him worry

Hakuoki: Shinsengumi Kitan
Need Some Help?
Hi guys right now I am playing
Hakuoki: Shinsengumi Kitan and I was wondering if anyone had a walkthrough for this game or any links to the walkthrough. I also promise to do more otome stuff depending on how busy I am on Friday. BTW Wanted to mention that the IPhone for IPhone users that there is another game otome game called Shall We Date? Konkatsu Love by NTT Solmare which is basically finding your soulmate through dating places lol.